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Okay, wut? O.o;

Okay, I attempted to post a whole thing on my feelings this morning,  but then Livejournal ATE IT, adding to what was already beginning to be a bad day.

C'mon, Brain, Give it Up!

'Eos' is being a pain.  I know where I want it to go, but I'm having trouble getting it there.  The action is too slow, the attacks too random - I need to get a clear picture of what is going on in my head before I can continue.  I know what's supposed to be happening but dammit, brain, you're supposed to be driving! >.<

Gah! >.<

Jack Savoretti Owns Me <3

I don't know if any of you have ever listened to Jack Savoretti, but his album 'Between the Minds' has a number of songs (if not all of them!) that can be tied to Dean and Sam in some way or another.  If you get the chance to listen to any of his songs please take it up anyway, as they're gorgeous.  

However, one song I can tie to both of the boys - but particularly to Dean - is 'Killing Man'.  It's lovely, and I've reproduced the lyrics here for your convenience.

Jack Savoretti - 'Killing Man'
If I said I was sorry
Would you forget the things I've done?
I don't know why I even worry
I don't believe in anyone

'Cause in my sleep I'm still running
From the demons and the ghosts
That in the night I hear coming
They're coming back for what I stole

'Cause I am the killing man
I am
I am a killing man

Now some believe in the devil
But who are they to know?
How dare they give a face to evil
When they're the ones loving the show?

They don't know
that I am a killing man
I am 
Yes, I am

I'm just another man
I'm doing what is said and told
Just like you, my friend
We all sell our souls
Please don't make it hard
When I come around for you
It's not personal
It's just what I do

'Cause I am a killing man
I am
Yes I am a killing man

Now there will be a moment in time
Where I'll find the strength to take a stand
And I will look into my stone-cold eyes
And I will kill the killing man
Yes I will kill
This killing man

Just a quick note to say...

<--  Thank you for my awesome icon, Bunny! :-D <3

The Long Road...

Okay, feeling a lot better now that I've had a chance to reflect properly on what panicked me this morning.  The good news is that even though I had the expected reaction, it didn't last for as long as normal, and wasn't as crushing.  I've had a chat with the poster and that was very healing.  I know she didn't mean anything malicious - I totally understand that.  

I don't know what's worse - my expectations of self or my expectations of fandom >.>  

How out of touch am I?  Well, I guess we'll see with the upcoming fic posts...

And so it begins...

Into the Blue

Disclaimer: ‘Supernatural’ was created by Eric Kripke. I do not own the TV show ‘Supernatural’ or the characters portrayed therein. I am making no money from this fic (but if Mr Kripke feels like giving a girl a break into writing, she’d be more than happy to oblige! XD
Author’s note: Thanks for stopping by! Your time is very much appreciated. I hope I can entertain you for just a little bit :)

Edit: I've been told off for not providing enough warning about the end of this fic. My apologies; I didn't want to do that because of the naure of the opening, but never mind. This fic involves character death and is...well...pretty damn tragic D:

Okay, first Supernatural fic! ^^;;

Okay, here we go guys.  I'm about ready to post this sucker.  Help! D: 


DAMN YOU, JOHN WINCHESTER! >.<  Now I have to re-write a whole section of fic.


Well, that'll teach me to be too lazy to check earlier on if what I suspect happened actually did ^^;;