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7 December
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Hi there and welcome to my journal! Watch out for that pile of junk in the doorway... Sorry, I'll get around to cleaning that up soon ^^;; Anyway, I'm AJ, a 20-something bored senseless admin assistant who really wants to write her way out of admin. Really. I mean, really.

My fandom of choice right now is Supernatural, so have fandom, will rant ^^;; This journal is likely to be full of allusions, musings and fanfiction based on the show, snippets of my life in general and my struggle to become a real live (and preferably paid) author.

For that, I need your help. I need people to critique me, to advise me on what I could improve and even suggest things like literary reviews I could submit to (I do write original stuff as well as fanfiction; I just don't post that much publicly at this time ^^;;)

According to Myers-Briggs Typeology, I'm an INFP (Introverted Intuition Feeling Perceiving). You can read more about us lot here

The following is particularly true:

'In order to help INFPs feel good about themselves it is necessary to tell them verbally that you care about them. They need a great deal of positive affirmation and can become very self-conscious and insecure and lost without it.'

Which means that all affection you can afford will be greatly appeciated ^^;; I have low self esteem, so expect a few entries on me trying to whack the kinks out of that while I'm learning how to love myself and better my life.

So, I guess what I'm really saying is; help me. I struggle with asking for help and making new friends - but that's part of what this journal is all about. If you have time in your busy, hectic lives to help me out, I'd be very grateful <3

Apologies in advance for my drastic over-use of emoticons. It's a habit I'm trying to kick but I'm apparently not doing very well... ^^;; Oh, I also have a bad habit of stealing people's icons and forgetting to credit them ¬_¬ If I do that, I'm terribly, terriby sorry - please contact me and I'll be sure to make it right :)

Anyway, welcome to AJ's! Have a seat, make yourself comfortable and we'll begin...